Nov 13, 2012

Reheal your disconnected Globe Wimax Modem bm622, bm625, bm621 hack, change mac, tune-ups, tweaks & tricks Wimax Tools

Exactly a year since I've been a member here in Symbianize thinking I should give back some of what I've learned.

I've noticed that a lot are still at lost about mac changing and stuffs so I've compiled my knowledge (from Symbianize) and experience about the ever-so-popular bm622 (same to bm621 and bm625) thought it might be useful for beginners and intermediate level users alike. NOT for bm622i
I'll try my best to be as straightforward as possible.

Assuming your Wimax is all set (power, cable connections, external antenna, signals etc)

Lets begin to jump start your Wimax!


-- copy your wan mac
-- paste it to sniper
-- use the generated live macs
-- enjoy free internet
got it? if not then follow the long version below. 
#Change MAC (Beginner level)

MAC address changing - is use to acquire free internet its much simpler than you think.

*First Step

*Test and Activate your Telnet

-In able to successfully change our mac we need our telnet to be activated.

Press ---> window+R
Type ---> cmd
Type ---> telnet

If you're able to enter the login phase then your telnet is activated if not then do the following for Win7:

---> Start
---> Control Panel
---> Programs
---> Programs And Features
---> Turn Windows features on or off
---> Check Telnet Client
---> Hit OK

Note: Late 2010-2011 version can't be activated unless you've downgrade.
you can contact lavaboy if you're interested in downgrading.
lavaboy --->

Now if all are set, first we need a working MAC here's a DIY (Do-it-yourself) LESS ON TYPE AND MORE ON CLICK procedure:

Download and Run "Wimax Tool" by syntaxerror00100 here:
(Don't forget to say thanks to him.)

From now onwards you must use your Wimax as your main ISP, disconnect any other sources of internet connections and don't use routers or proxies for now.

Procedure #1:

In your browser type --->
Username ----> user
Password ----> user

Highlight "WAN MAC Address value"
Press CTRL+C

Then switch back to "Wimax Tool"
Click ---> "MAC Sniper" tab
Click in ---> "Mac address" box
Press ---> CTRL+V
Select "Random"
Select at least 20 "Tries"
Then hit "Run"

(It will take a while about 40mins or so, so you might wanna do some other stuff.)

After "Wimax Tool" finishes its job, test if you're already connected to the internet if not then follow through:

Still in "Wimax Tool"
Click ---> "Macs management" tab
Select "View MAC's from mac sniper[ALIVE]"

Right Click on any MAC you like
Then select "Use this mac or Test" and wait for modem to reboot.

#Congratulations you're now connected to the world for FREE with no added pain in the a** monthly bill.
(Don't ever beg for MACs, we already have the tool and by tool I mean our brains.)
Tip: Using your own MAC series is recommended for safety precaution.
MAC series examples:
10:C6:1F:XX:XX, 20:2B:C1:XX:XX, 64:16:F0:XX:XX (where X is a corresponding value)

*Want to change your mac the traditional way?
then go here --->
You still need a working mac for it to work.

#Frequency Tune-Up (Intermediate level)

So you're already connected to the Internet but having unstable connection? then just follow along..

There are many factors regarding our Wimax's stability but the common are signal, frequency and the MAC itself.

MAC - if other users uses the same MAC as you, frequent disconnections etc.
Signal - We need the strongest signal possible, using external antenna might work.
Frequencies - Every area differs stable frequencies, so you might need to do "The process of elimination."

To stabilize our connection we need to tune-up our frequencies.

First we need to access our modem with Administrator right.
Follow the steps in Procedure #1 up to the "Then switch back to "Wimax Tool"
Click ---> "Pass generator" tab
Click in ---> "Input mac" box
Press ---> CTRL+V
Then Click "Generate password"
Copy the generated password

Switch back to your browser type
Username ---> admin
Password ---> paste your generated password from "Wimax tool"

In your wimax GUI:
Click ---> WiMAX tab
Click ---> Scanset
Now take note of all the Frequencies listed as we're gonna test each one of them.
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 877x513.

Isolate one frequency you want to test then delete everything else.
Click ---> "Apply"
Download any torrent or IDM files, observe which frequency will perform best, repeat isolation procedure until you're satisfy.

Tip: If for example the most stable frequency in your area is 2612000 then that's the only frequency you'll ever need within your area.

*Enable Wimax's built in Signal Booster

Press ---> window+R
Type ---> cmd
Type ---> telnet
Login ---> wimax
Password ---> wimax820
Type ---> set wimax-sniffer on
Type ---> board reboot

..Credits to Jailbreak

#Config Tweaks (Advance level) Definitely NOT for beginners.

Config Tweaking
-To avoid blank WAN cause by other users.
-Prevents your MAC from being stolen.
-Ease of use, say bye bye to Password generators.
-Theoretically blocks the FWD (Firmware Destroyer)
Tweaking your modem's config is dangerous and risky, it might render your modem useless or brick it so proceed with caution.
Continuing through this process means that you're willing to take the risk and possibly suffer the consequence of bricking your modem.
Try at your own risk! 

Lets start..
Login to your modem's GUI as admin
Go to "Maintain" ---> "Device" ---> "Advance"
Then click "Download Default Configuration File"
and Save it..
Copy your downloaded config to another location to make a back-up (for safety issues)

Now open Wordpad
Open the downloadcarconfigfile

#Telnet Login
Press CTRL+F
Type ---> "telnetpassword" then press Enter
close the "Find" dialog box
then follow the screenshot:
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 837x250.

#ACL-WAN protection
Next Press CTRL+F
Type ---> "telnetwanenable" then press Enter (twice)
close the "Find" dialog box
follow the screenshot:
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 775x232.

#GUI login
Next Press CTRL+F
Type ---> "userpassword"
close the "Find" dialog box
follow the screenshot:
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 790x268.

Then save it and re-upload it back to your modem's config then reboot your modem and we're done!

btw you can also opt for the software protection from lavaboy or syntaxerror00100 to escape the fuzz but the downside is you won't be able to scan for MACs while its active.

Any will do, its just a matter of personal preference.

*Other known ways to prevent FWD (Firmware Destroyer)
-Get a good antivirus, Avast free will do.
-Be like a legit, when changing MAC change the serial number that corresponds to the MAC as well.

*In a suspected case of FWD
When you wake up after you left your modem on overnight and all you see is a LAN LED:
-Try to do restore default via GUI or telnet cmd prompt.
-or push the "hard reset button" using a pin or any other appropriate material.
-Never turn your modem off as you'll be likely complete the process of their firmware "destroyer" update.

*Hardware protection (Fool-proof anti FWD)
If you have knowledge in hardware or just brave enough then you can try this tutorials for making your own modem's hardware protection:

puliskalawakan's thread 
tagok587's thread 

If not then let lavaboy do it for you
BM625 blank WAN solution
go here --->

BM622 2011 version password generator
go here --->

more tweaks to follow..


to all na nagpapasalamat sa thread, ur all welcome chiefs. 

if u think nkatulong poko senyo, paki UP nlang po un thread ko sa buy & sell section:
thank you! 

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Panu naman pong hacking ung BM622i na model?

pre, patulong naman oh..yung wimax bm22 ko 2009 package nasira. mukhang sa firmware ito. umilaw lahat ng led. wla na yung na yung admin pass sa source code sa managemen/account and then yung wan is blank na rin..tnx

akala ko sa symbianize lang ang may mga completong tutorial mayron pala dito share..... mac address hindi sya stable pero nong e test ko sya aabot sa 10 mbps VIP mac address daw.... kayo nalang bahala sa... mauna lang... sya nga pala may e dagdag akung online jobs baka gusto nyo ring komita online try to resgister free lahat..... all you have to do is post this link sa inyong mga blogs.... facebook... para mas madaling umanga ang pera ninyo... sureness to goodness to. walang lokohan..... PM ME for more MAC ADDRESS.... 84:A8:E4:45:BE:91


Sir same tayo ng problema, narepair nyo na yun sa inyo?

"could not open connection to the host, port 23: Connect failed"- What should i do??thanks

thank you very much for the tutorial

sir sa BM622m ??????

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Hello sir Royroy..patulong po paunlock sa BM622m na model po..

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Mga sir patulong nman po, taga salawag, dasmarinas, cavite po ako.. May bm622i po ako.. Disconnected na sa globe.. Help nman pong maacces o mahack ung internet.. Help nman po, wala pong telnet ung bm622i ko internet lang tlga sya.. Help nman po...

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patulong naman as wmax ko

Gumagana ba to sa brand new? O pang disconnected lng?

sir sa BM622m ??????

Sir pa help naman po bm622 after hard reset d po maka log in gui po disconnected po sya thanx in advance..respect !!!


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MY Wimax Modem kba? at patay na ang mac, o kya wala ng mahanap na mac address, pwess!!! andito na sulosyon sa problimA mo, hangat hndi pa katay sa buong pilipinas ang WIMAX.

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thank you. enjoy hacking!!

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