Nov 5, 2011

Fast Browsing Globe Tattoo SmartBro Using ULTRASURF

Fast Browsing Globe Tattoo SmartBro Using ULTRASURF

Fast Browsing Globe Tattoo/SmartBro 
step-by-step procedures + screenshots

Learn how to get Free Internet using usurf and globe tattoo / smartbro. Easy and Fast Approach on how to use usurf(ULTRASURF) and Internet Service Provider(ISP) Globe Tattoo, SmartBro. A step-by-step procedures. Along the course you will able to explore/learn on some techniques, points and tips to attain Free Internet. {last updated November 05 2011}

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{Updated September 28 2011}
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Settings for SmartBro Dashboard
Before Setting Up this ULTRASURF,configure first your smartbro dashboard. There is a setting for that.

1. You need to have at least 1-9 Pesos.
2. You need to use Smart Buddy Sim (smartbro sim will not work)

Step-by-Step smartbro dashboard:
1. Click Settings
2. Click Network Settings Tab
3. then Click Add Button

It will now displays Config File GUI

Values: (put the Bold ones)
[] Config Filename: Smart Buddy(any name)
[] Dial number: *99#
[] APN: internet
Then hit OK.

Select your Config File that you input any name. And Click Set Default. So that when you run it again, you will not choose again and again.

Settings for ULTRASURF

Download First Here

DOWNLOAD Ultrasurf


  • If you noticed that your internet connection (browsing/streaming/downloading) becomes slow, then restart your Usurf.
  • You will also know if you have fast connection when the usurf connects very fast(one bar preferred yet it connects)

u98 and u1007 files can be detected as virus/trojan/worm in your antivirus... dont worry these files are Safe!! 
Some AntiVirus detects these as a treat because it will allow exceptions in the firewall, that is why some antivirus falsely detect it. I used NOD32 Smart Security Business Edition and it doesnt detect these files as virus. :)
Q:I downloaded Usurf, How do i configure these?
A: Okay, Run it then click the option icon -> click Proxy Settings -> then choose Manual then add

For Smart BRO

port: 8080

By the way, you add use this ip address
As of July 2011: new IP:
port: 8080

For Globe
proxy: or (not  yet now july2011)

SUCCESSFULLY CONNECTED!! ..[  here i choose the 1st one (preferred)]

If you want to use alternative process, you can use RAPTORVPN:

QUICK AND EASIER WAY TO CONNECT(Beginners guide to free internet)
Eventhough i have a low signal..stilll ( based on test ) it is really faster than TOR network.

You will know if it is successfully connected if this IE browser  will be open or you can see Successfully Connected in Usurf's status bar. You can set configure this not to open every time you will connect.

Tips and Tricks To Your SmartBro
BROWSER SETTINGS(Since ultrasurf automatically set your browser proxy settings) for the sake of those who are curious on how to set. Also if you are not sure if you already had correct configuration this is better)

Google Chrome Settings

go to Wrench Icon -> click Options -> Click Under the Hood tab -> Click Proxy Settings

you may also check the proxy server
port: 9666
Also works on other application like YM, Antivirus.....

Just set (localhost)
and port: 9666
or You may choose Automatically Detect Settings
Firefox Settings

Goto Tools -> click Options 
Under the Options -> Click Advanced Icon Tab -> then click Network Tab -> click Settings Button
In Connection Settings you can choose either Auto-Detect Proxy or Use System Proxy settings
For manual proxy:
Http Proxy: Port: 9666
Opera Settings

Click Menu -> click Settings -> then Preferences
In the preferences Menu -> click Advanced tab -> click Network  -> click Proxy Servers button
In proxy server GUI
Internet Explorer Settings

Click Tools -> then Internet Options ->

In Internet Option Menu -> click Connections tab ( this menu has the same process in google chrome)
if you cant see your config file here..then choose LAN SETTINGS instead
Click the the LAN SETTINGS and put:
Proxy Address:  (means localhost or your PC Local Ip Address)
Port: 9666 (usurf) - 8118 (Tor Browser)


globe sim
dial #: *99***1#

sun sim

apn: minternet

dial #: *99#

autntcation: PAP

smart buddy sim
apn: internet
dial #: *99#

Thanks to madam for the information, discoverer, symbianize ELITE members, and other contributors.

DOWNLOAD Ultrasurf
Free Ultrasurf 3 Versions



wala na bang bagong proxy I.P for globe tattoo users. di na kasi gumagana eh

you can used our Huawei USB unlocker temporarily and used smart sim as your network provider. click here

Thank you for this info. I'm configuring it now for my Smart Bro. Cheers!:-)

sir pacopy nman ng gumaganang ip address.,laht ng tinray q ayaw gumana ee.,

thank you so much its working for me

boss panu po sa dashboard setting ng huawei E53 stick ko pahelp nman po...

If globe dongle will be used with smart sim, is it working with globe network signal?

sir ngayon parang nadedetect niya na yung sim...kasi nung hindi gumana minsan nung pinaltan ko ng ibang sim gumana...then after 2-3 days ndi na naman gumana!

wala na yata ang ultrasurf eh mga 1 week nang d mag connect may problema ba ang ultrasurf.......

working pa.. change your APN: from "internet" to "smart1"

tips para sa mga hindi makaconnect:

1. check your load.
2. check your signal.
3. change your APN Internet to Smart1
4. blocked sim, text GPRS ON send to 333

Can't connect, Connection is Terminated,!!!

check your balance and change your APN: Internet to Smart1

Anung version ng Usurf ang mas mganda gamitin?? Hnd kasi magconnect sa server gamit ku eh kht nagconnect ang smart bro. new smart bro gamit ku. Help pls,..

na change ko na po ang apn from internet to smart1 pro failed pa rin...

ok nmn yng side sa smartbro, connected man pro sa usurf po failed...may bago guro na proxy.. e2 yng gamnit ko na proxy..

pwede ba to magtorrent? pano ba? nakaconnect na ako gamit ung *99***1# at ung smart1... pano mag torrent? :D

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