Nov 16, 2011

Use Your GPRS Cell Phone As A Modem

The most basic way of doing this is to use the disc that came with your phone. My Samsung came with software for loading music and files as well as changing the phone’s settings. Look around on your phone’s software. See if you can find anything about “˜Connections’, “˜Network’, “˜Modem’ or “˜Communications’. If you do, there should be detailed instructions on how to use your cell phone as a modem.

how to use cell phone as modem

Sim Setting: (connection name: any name)

globe sim (zero cost)
dial #: *99***1#

sun sim (load 1 pesos)

apn: minternet

dial #: *99#

autntcation: PAP

smart buddy sim (load atleast 2 pesos)
apn: internet
dial #: *99#

However, what if your phone didn’t come with a CD, or there was nothing on the CD about turning your cell phone into a modem?
First, connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable (if one didn’t come with the phone there are loads for sale on eBay for many different makes and models of phones for low prices). You can also connect it via Bluetooth, however this will cause the final download speeds to be slower. Your computer should recognize that your phone has been connected to it and begin to install the “˜Drivers‘. When this has finished, open the start menu and select “˜Connect To‘. At the bottom of the window which opens opt to “˜Create a new connection‘. Then select “˜Create a Dial-Up Connection‘.
The window shown below will be displayed. For the phone number enter in *99# (this is a kind of universal GPRS number that your carrier will redirect). This will tell your phone to access its GPRS function.
how to use cell phone as wireless modem
For the username and password you’ll have to do some research on the internet. These are easily found by simply Googling “˜GPRS Setting for [Network Name]“˜ or “˜Wap Settings for [Network Name]“˜. I am on a network called Meteor so we’ll use them as an example for this article.
Username: my
Password: WAP
how to use mobile phone as modem
One you have done this, finish creating the connection. Then, select the connection from the “˜Connect To‘ menu. When it asks for the username and password, enter in the ones appropriate for your network. This will then connect you to the internet.
Because mobile phone technology is at its height, you’ll get fast speeds, especially if you’re in the US. I had assumed that it would be slow like GPRS mobile internet it but this is only slow because of the phone’s browser’s limitations. Not the networks.
I easily checked e-mails, surfed the web and submitted work. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t exactly be streaming HD video but it can be handy when your normal internet goes down. I found that loading complex pages such as took around 10-12 seconds where as simple pages such as my blog or Twitter only took a couple of seconds.



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