Nov 15, 2011

FlashTor 2k11 – Simple Tor User Interface

FlashTor 2k11 is my pesonalized GUI for
TOR anonymity tool. Tor is a free software and
and open network that helps you defend against a
form of network surveillance that threatens personal
freedom and privacy. (Read More)

FlashTor 2k11 -Features
- Easy Connect & Disconnect
- Hide to tray function
- Low CPU resource comsumption
- Working for Globe and SmartNetwork as an Internet freedom tool
- Combined w/ Proxifier program so that no more configuration
of browser proxy settings. after connect just easy browse.

Requirements :
- FlashTor 2k11 Mini – .Net Framework 2.0 – Download Here
- FlashTor 2k11 – .Net Framework 4.0 – Download Here
Download FlashTor 2k11:



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