Nov 9, 2011

Forget your Nokia Mobile Security code???

Almost 90/100 are using mobile nowadays. Many of using the important feature called security option to avoid unauthorized access to your mobile. We quite often keep security code to lock our phone. Unfortunately some time we forget our security code. What we do next??? We rush to our mobile shop and unlock our mobile. The real question is how they will unlock our mobile. There is a secret behind their back door. Let we unlock that door. The real secret is all mobile service show has software used to unlock the mobile. What’s that software? This software is now available for sale.

Download the software 

This software will generate a master code... enter that code instead of your security code.. After accepting. Reset your mobile with new security code



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If you forget your security code then you can try default code and if it dint work then try master reset code to reset your get codes visit unlocking4free here they ask you the imei number of your mobile finally they will send you master reset code at free of cost.

i am unable to open the link given by you, can you please help me; that how can i unlock my phone as it needs the security code.


Thanks for such a nice and updated information. I got some interesting tips from this post.
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