Jun 25, 2008

Nokia Series 40 / 60 Reset Codes

Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 Reset Codes

Here are the reset codes I have collected:

Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 Reset Codes:

Full Reset: (clears everything off the phone memory!! Be sure to back up your contacts!!): *#7370#, 12345 and then Yes.

Soft Reset: *#7780#, 12345 and then Yes. (Also works on Nokia S40 phones, NOTE: On the 6230/6230b, same as going to the Factory Reset option under Settings!! Thanks to Tris for the headsup!!)


This deletes the Email, GPRS, MMS settings that cannot be erased via phone options. (Series 40 phones only)

Nokia 9300 (not confirmed) and Nokia 9500 (based on link below):

1. Turn off phone and take out battery
2. Insert battery, and while it boots up press and hold Ctrl + Shift + F
3. After a few seconds you will be asked if you want to format or cancel


Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 Reset Codes:


Prepaid Options for Abroad:


Worldwide GPRS settings:


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