Jun 10, 2009

Nokia 3315 Secret Codes / Unlock Codes

Nokia 3315 Secret Codes
Pressing *#0000# will take you to a special display which shows...
1. Software Version
2. Some Date (Most probably the date of software release)
3. ??
The x# Trick
By pressing x# (where x is any number upto 100) will show the telephone number stored in location x. For example, pressing 5# in idle mode will show the 5th number you stored when you entered the numbers in your phone-book
Nokia 3315 Secret Codes
Pressing *#92702689# will take you to a new menu with 6 options :
1. Serial Number Of Your Phone.
2. Month And Year Of Manufacture (In format MMYY).
3. Purchasing date. You can only set this once.
4. Enables phone for data transfer if you have all the necessary equipment.
5. Life Timer - ??
To exit the menu, switch off the phone and then back on.

Special Character Trick

While composing an SMS, you would often require to key in some special characters. The entire list of available characters is made available by pressing and holding the * key. Further, you can go down directly instead of going horizontally by pressing #.

Nokia 3315 Secret Codes
To See IMEI Number : Press *#06# in Idle mode.



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