Sep 10, 2011

Free facebook/Internet in Mobilephone (for Globe users only)

Step by Step to access free facebook/internet on your phone:

1st Step: Setup 1st your gprs settings> 

1. Go to Menu > Choose Settings > Connectivity
2. Go to Data Accounts
3. Create New Account. GPRS
4. Account Name: BLACK PROXY
5. APN:

    This is the most important content to be setup:
     6. Proxy Address:
      7. Port Number: 8080
      8. Internet Mode: HTTP
      9. Use Proxy: Yes
    10. Homepages: (optional)
     Now lets start CREATE your internet profile/connectivity/connection etc., ACCOUNT.

for more GPRS setting: click Gprs related article >
       2nd Step: 
   1.1 Load 1st your Globe Simcard with P20.00 to activate your unlimited surf 
         by clicking then apply unlimited surf 24 hours.
   1.2 Now login your facebook account.
   1.3 now this is it! after you login, this is the moment the final step, 
         bookmark your facebook account that you log.
   1.4 then thats it! used the bookmarked facebook, as your entry point to    
   1.5 avoid login out because the system will never log you in if you dont have  
         load, just leave your internet. :)
   1.6 now you can open your facebook account for free. without load.

1 thing to Remember:
   1.1 avoid to load more than 4 pesos bcoz they will eat your load if you load   
        higher, the service deducted 5,10,15,20 pesos or higher if you use their   
        internet Service. its better dont load your simcard or buy a globe simcard   
        and use it only for your internet browsing.

  For assistance: you can drop your comment/question here!

Note: Free Facebook Mobile Setup release, Thanks to Michael R. who work for it, now we can open our facebook on mobile for free.




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