Oct 6, 2012

PeoplesVPN Premium Servers/Configs For iPhone/iPad/Android

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PeoplesVPN Premium
Servers/Configs For iPhone/iPad/Android 11/29/2011

20 servers. All are UDP connections and no TCP connections.

Credit to sk8er431 for PeoplesVPN for PC
Modified by trini2224 for iPhone users
Credit to sundae_ganda for posting tutorials on guizmovpn + peoplesvpn premium account and config
Thanks to ohashi for making this thread possible
Thanks to cywel for sharing a useful tool

NOTE: Nauna po ang thread ni Miss sundae_ganda but it needs an update dahil di na rin po working ang ibang premium servers ng peoplesvpn sa thread nya. Then sir ohashi PM me asking on how about for the updated configs for premium servers. I searched for the premium servers, downloaded it, modified it and now here is it. Just like my previous config modifications for iPhone/Android, its a success.

================================================== ==================================================

For iPhone and iPad users

For those who don't know how to do this, please click the link below for my instructions on how to OpenVPN on iPhone with PeoplesVPN free servers.


Sa mga sanay na o eksperto na sa ganito, continue reading

1. Download the Premium Configs below

2. Open the rar file and extract it preferably to your desktop para di ka na mahirapan pang maghanap.

3. May lamang 20 folders ang lahat ng iyan, pwede kang pumili ng kahit na iilan lang. Sa bawat isang folder merong "account.txt". Open mo iyon at palitan mo ng PeoplesVPN premium account mo and Save it.

4. Gawin mo ito sa iba pang folder na gusto mo mailagay sa iPhone/iPad mo.

5. Piliin mo na ang mga folder na nalagyan mo na ng premium account mo at saka mo i-copy ang mga folders na ito.

6. Connect mo na ang iPhone/iPad mo sa PC and open iFunbox.

7. On ifunbox, go to directory var/mobile/documents/configurations at saka mo ipaste ang mga folders na na-copy mo. Disconnect your iPhone/iPad from your PC.

8. Turn on your 3G and Data Connection and wait for about 30 seconds.

9. Open GuizmoVPN

10. Tap one of the pvpnprem configs you put and Slide OFF to turn ON your GuizmoVPN connection.

11. Tap Log, and wait until it says, Initialization Sequence Completed.

12. Enjoy premium users.

================================================== ==================================================

For Android users

credit to cmangalos for android openvpn tutorial

Kung wala pa kayong OpenVPN setup sa mga Android Phones ninyo, pakisunod lang po ang tutorial ni cmangalos for OpenVPN for Android. pakiclick nyo lang po ang susunod na link na makikita nyo.

Click nyo po ito --> TUT: OPENVPN for android = Free INTERNET

Kung meron ka nang working openvpn for your android continue reading:

1. Download Premium Configs below. Basta i-download mo yan at wala ng marami pang tanong...

2. Extract the download file using WinRar and place it in your desktop.

3. Register PeoplesVPN Free account here --> CLICK HERE

4. Once you finished registration go back to the downloaded file extracted in your folder. Open one pvpnfree folder and edit the free.txt and replace the content with your username and password you have registered. Saved it. Gawin mo ito sa natitirang limang pvpnfree folders

5. Once you are done connect your android phone to your PC and enable USB storage mode

6. Copy all the six folders and paste it in openvpn folder in your android phone.

7. Once finished pasting, disconnect your phone from your PC.

8. Enable your packet data (APN) and open your OpenVPN settings.

9. Turn ON your OpenVPN and tap one of the pvpnfree configs.

10. Wait until it gets connected.

11. Enjoy po!!!

I tried this in my Samsung GT-P1000 and it is working smoothly.

I will be posting my screenshots here next time.

================================================== ==================================================

Whether Premium account or Free account, VPN depends on the signal of your ISP in your area. Kung maayos ang signal mo dyan sa lugar mo, Ok ang VPN na gamit mo kahit ano pa man yan. Pero kung di maganda ang signal mo dyan, siguradong mabagal ang VPN mo. MALAS LANG

All the 20 servers are working fine. Tested by me and works smoothly in my iPhone 4 and Samsung GT-P1000. Try it also in your iPhone 3G/3GS/4 or iPad or Any Android device that you have and see the results.

Kung gusto mo ng FREE VPN for your iPhone/iPad/Android look at my signature and choose between PeoplesVPN and wePN and carefully read instructions po.

And lastly, hindi po ako reseller ng PeoplesVPN kundi tumutulong lang talaga ako FREEMIUM fan din ako at the same time Just want to share this and help others. Search nyo na lang po main thread ng PeoplesVPN and look for resellers in that thread or go directly to their website and look for resellers there.

Enjoy po mga iPhone/iPad/Android users!!!

Good luck!!!

Credits to Symbianize.com



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