Jul 11, 2008

HTC P3450 Direct Sim Unlocking

Enjoy Free Unlimited Unlocking HTC TOUCH P3450..

No need to pay anymore..Remember it is freee......

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1. Connect your Phone and establish Activesync Connection.
2. Install 'Cert_SPCS.cab' and 'EnableRapi.cab' on your device.( Copy them to your devide and run).
3. Run 'Touch_Unlock.exe'.
4. Open the file 'Unlock_result.exe' generated upon execution with Hex Editor.
5. The eight-character code beside the IMEI number in the file is your Unlock code.

Enjoy !!

Download it? click here

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I have HTC mobile.I already bought the code for my mobile.I don't know how to unlock my mobile by using code.Then i got the instructions from unlocking guide.It's useful for me.

i also found another site which gives u unlock codes

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