Jul 10, 2008

Unlocker software mainly for Nokia

software to unlocking the network of your mobile phone. it works by getting the code from your imei number [{pre *#06#} to get]then it creates the code to unlock your specific phone from its network. this is not for unblocking blacklisted phones.

i have tried this on my sonyericsson w850i without success :( the software is mainly for nokia mobile phones so if you have a nokia i suggest u try it.

from me so it is always virus free :)

hope it works for ya..

To download? click here

Published by: www.unlock4mobile.blogspot.com

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thank u for ur posts. i have previously unlocked my mobile using unlocking codes. what method does afore said process use

this site also gives u unlocking codes

this site actually guides u through the entire process

I am currently using the nokia 6500 which is locked to vodafone.I unlocked my mobile using the unlocking code rather than software..I got the unlocking code from http://www.unlock-free.com/.It helps to get the unlocking service at free of cost.

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