Aug 20, 2009

LG Shine Ke970

I was screwing around on the net looking for the same answer, I downloaded calculators and tried codes for about 2 hours, none of it worked. Then I came across the default for the security code which is "0000". I thought "what the hell", gave it a try and it unlocked. So.. here it is with absolute no guarantee.

Using a working sim card, type in 2945#*9701# (this brings up the unlock sim option)
then type in 0000 or 000000 followed by enter or #

When I did this it still came up with "wrong code entered" but when I turned it back on and tried the 2945#*9701# code again it said "Sim lock not activated" so I swapped over my sims and, "hey presto!" works fine.

Also, this may be irrelevant but I restored the factory default before doing this (one of the many things suggested on the net to unlock this phone.) if it doesn't work maybe try 'factory default reset' first then these codes again. Here's how you do that;

Factory reset
enter 2945#*#
then factory default



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