Aug 20, 2009

Unlock/debrand Samsung U900 (soul)

Ok this is how to debrand and unlock the Samsung U900 or “Soul” as it is dubbed.

Note that I accept no responsibility for your shiny mobile phone if it goes ‘Pear Shaped as it were.’


Right first things first, you will need:

1: A nice Samsung U900
2: The USB data link cable that comes with the phone
3: The CD thats comes with the phone (for the USB drivers)
4: A windows computer. (I have a mac but i did it using a virtual machine).
5: U900 firmware and multi loader v5.33 from here


1: Install the USB drivers from the CD.

2: Extract the firmware.

3: Remove the battery and simcard from your phone.

4: While holding the “9” key, plug in the USB cable then the battery and then (still holding the “9” key) turn the phone on. This will take it into the correct mode. (The ‘touchpad’ will light up).

5: Load up the multi loader v5.33 program. (It will recognise your phone).

6: Select the third option button (The one that says “MSM6245/MSM6260 etc...”)

7: Tick Boot Change then click the “Boot” button and select the bootfiles which are inside the folder containing the flash files, for example c:\U900XXHC6\BOOTFILES.

8: Click the Port Search button so that the connected COM port is shown as Ready.

9: Click the download button.

OK, nearly there. At this point it will look like your phone is trashed, do not worry young children, all will be revealed.....

10: Remove the USB cable and battery.

11: Reconnect again as in step 4. (It WILL say “Download”, if it says “Upload to PC” then you have not connected the phone properly and will get an error, note also the touchpad will NOT light up this time).

12: On the multi loader window click the same MSM button as before but this time select “Full Download” (NOT BOOT).

13: Click the Modem, Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and Factory FS buttons and select the appropriate files. Select (Low).r2c rather than (Mid).r2c. FOTA and ETC fields will be empty.

14: Again select the “Port Search” then “Download” and the rest is history



Thanks for the information about the unlock samsung U900.I already got the the unlocking instructions for this samsung phone in the site mobilesolutions.But from this article I got the more information about the unlock.

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debranded, but didn't unlock :-(

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