Oct 2, 2010

Vodafone Hack For Free GPRS

Now everyone wants to use GPRS on phone, especially if it is free. I found a nice hack to get a free GPRS via Vodaphone.This method has been tested on different mobiles and has been confirmed to be working.

Followng are the Settings you require to configure on your Mobile:

Account Name: Vodafone_gprs
Homepage: http://live.vodafone.in/
User Name: (no need)
Pass: (no need)

Access Point Settings :
Proxy: Enabled
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port: 9401
Data Bearer: Packet Data

Bearer Settings :
Packet Data Access Point: portalnmms
Network type: IPV4
Authentication: normal
User Name: (no need)
Password: (no need)

*IF that happen this settings is not working then change the proxy port number to:

Proxy Port: 9401 

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