Sep 22, 2012

FREE-VPN Working for Smart 10.155/10.23x now with 12 Unlimited Servers [WENZVPN]

September 16, 2012 Update
Now with 12 servers
WenzVPN free version is open to all, even newbies and outsiders can have it for free.wala pong trial-trial, walang registration at walang expiry, kaya alagaan nyong mabuti itong free vpn natin
No need to edit username/password, just sellect FREE SERVER and connectFor android accountuser: wenz2pass: 123para mabigyan ng config, soot na lang ang siggy. wew
WenzVPN-12 Portable by Gnol21
WenzVPN-5.2.7 by pRincefRag

Instructions for the v5.2.7 GUISellect FREE SERVER (wag ang PREMIUM at TAMBAYAN SERVERS, hindi kasali yanconnect smart> open GUI> press button besides connect button and you will see the sim IP(no need to type ipconfig)server unlimited is for UDPfor 10.155 IP, just sellect ICMP ang connect without proxyyou need to install .NetFramework2 for the GUI to workalso uninstall/install tap driver inside the GUIpag ayaw mag connect sa icmp, disconnect/connect modem then connect wenzvpn
You need Smart Buddy/TnT SIM with P2.00 loadNot working on Smartbro SIM 
"SIM IP and its PROTOCOL" = = = = = TCP/ICMP

wag na kayong humingi ng personalize acnt. this vpn will work 24/7
kung nagustohan nyo, soot nyo nlang ang siggy

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q:Bakit hanggang connecting lang ang GUI connected naman ang dashboard?
A:Check ang IP sa smart, pag 10.155 sa TCP/ICMP ka mag connect, pag 10.158/10.23x sa UDP

Q: Ginawa ko na lahat ayaw pa rin mag connect, anu kaya ang problema?
A: check time/date of ur PC, turn off antivirus, turn off wireless network, just as easy as that

Q: Ayaw pa rin mag connect
A: Disconnect mo ang GUI then connect, pag ayaw, try other servers then conect/disconnect/connect

NOTE: disconnect/reconnect modem will solve connection problem for tcp/icmp

AVAILABLE SERVERSICMP1.Los Angeles 2.Chicago-1 3.Chicago-24.Kansas5.Dallas-1 6.Dallas-27.Dallas-3 8.Scranton 9.Buffalo-110.Buffalo-2
UDP 11.UDP/Unlimited-112.UDP/Unlimited-2
server 1-8 maximum of 60 users for each serverserver 9&10 maximum of 100 users for each serverudp servers maximu of 100 users for each server
kung di kayo maka connect, ibig sabihin, SERVER IS FULL.
Note: Sept. 16, 2012 chicago-1/dallas-2 is down for maintenance
.NetFramework HERE
Credits: Symbianize



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