Sep 22, 2012

[FREE VPN]Hex VPN+ All in One GUI (w/RAS Dialer) [02.16.2012 Update]

Introdution:Finally, after nearly 2 months of work, Hex VPN+ is released. Mag-feedback lang tayo kung working sa inyo o hindi. Pinaghirapan kong gawin ito, tumaas din ang bills ng kuryente ko, kaya gusto kong malaman kung working ba sa lahat yung pinaghirapan ko o hindi.
Hex VPN+ v1.1 Added Features:[+]RAS Dialer. Dashboard is no longer a requirement for connecting.[+]Add/Edit/Delete Dialer Option.[+]Connect on Startup Option. (RAS should be enabled.) [+]Four Graph Styles to choose from (3D Area, 3D Line, 2D Area, and 2D Line). [+]Execute File Option.[+]Mediafire link generator with Hotspot Shield Snapshot Error bypass.[+]500+ Globibo Config included (Hotspot Shield and Expat Shield servers). [+]500+ Smarty Config included (Hotspot Shield and Expat Shield servers). 
Hex VPN v1.0 Features:[+]Auto Ping.[+]Auto Flush DNS.[+]Real-time Statistics via Management Interface.[+]Supports more than 2,000,000,000 config (yes, you read it right, 2 billion)[+]Automatically Detects *.ovpn Config Files and Folders.[+]Install/Uninstall TAP0901/TAPHSS drivers (Auto-detect OS Architecture)[+]Uses Multithreading Technology for Optimum Performance.[+]Portable. No dependencies. No need to install .NET Framework. No need to install 3rd party softwares.[+]Saves all settings to .ini file.[+]Config Maker. [+]Config Editor. [+]50 skins available.
Changes:[+]Bin Path, Driver Path, and Config Path are now uneditable. [+]The logs are now automatically cleared when connecting/re-connecting.[+]Auto-flush DNS interval can now be set, from 1 min-60 mins.[+]Graph's background color and font color now matches the current skin style. [+]Config Editor font color now matches current skin styles.[+]Splash screen added.
Software Info:[+]Application Name: Hex VPN+[+]Version: 1.1[+]Author: alphastatusv01[+]License: Freeware[+]Written in: Delphi XE (Delphi 2011)[+]OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (x86 & x64)
Used Icons:Designer: Yusuke KamiyamaneWebsite: http://p.yusukekamiyamane.comDesigner: Mark JamesWebsite:

Important Notes (Pakibasa muna):1. Para sa mga first time users, install nyo muna yung taphss. Click Tools, then click Install TAPHSS. Maghintay ng 1-2 minutes, wag mainip. Makikita nyo kung successful yung installation. For Windows 7 64 bit users, follow these steps.2. For Globibo: No updates yet. 3. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Run it as Adminstrator.4. For those who have firewalls, add hexvpn+.exe and openvpn.exe to exception list.5. For those who use Nod32, expect nyo na hindi gagana ng maayos ang autoping. Most likely, puro Timed out ang latency na makukuha nyo. Bina-block ng nod32 ang ICMP (o pinging).6. Sa mga nahihirapang magdownload sa Mediafire dahil sa bina-block ng HSS, gamitin lang natin ang HSS-Mediafire tool. Credits to gmastah29 for giving the final piece of the puzzle.7. Sa mga interesadong magpagawa ng custom GUI, pm me. 8. Source code requests will be ignored.
To our Indian friends lurking in this forum, I don't mind you guys using my software, I'm actually grateful my work helped you, just DON'T say Hex VPN/Hex VPN+ is yours, because its not. People who work hard for the greater good deserve credit, don't they?
Pakiusap: Wag na nating i-quote itong 1st post, sayang lang yung space. 
Download: Hex VPN+ v1.1 (4.77MB) 
Video Tutorials: How to Connect.7z (2.81 MB)
How to Use Config Maker.7z (9.63 MB)
How to use HSS-Mediafire Tool (8.03MB)
How to use RAS Dialer and Shell Execute Tool (4.17MB)
7zip Password: alphastatusv01@2K12
Use 7-zip to extract the archive.
You can visit my blog for more info.
FAQ:Question: Pwede ko ba mahingi ang source code?Answer: LOL, no.
Question: Hindi ko mainstall ang TAPHSS Drivers sa Windows 7 64 Bit?Answer: Follow these steps.
Problem: Script Error: return 1.Solution: Edit config and delete "up finger-ON.exe" and "down finger-OFF.exe". Run as admininstrator.
Problem: Bakit palaging timeout ang latency, pero connected naman ako.Reason: Firewall ang dahilan nyan, especially nod32. Bina-block yung ping.
Question: Paano gumawa ng queue at magdownload ng isa-isa sa IDM?Answer: Edit IDM

Hex VPN Siggy designed by sheenk09
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Version 1
Version 2

Credit: Symbianize



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