Sep 6, 2012

Ultrasurf + Proxifier = No Proxy Configurations

Tut. lang mga KA SB... Paki-Dis Regard na lang kung repost na, as of now Ultrasurf has updated with a new function it can now upload files and of course download, the newer version is U1002, now sa mga gustong matuto on how to use proxifier sa Ultrasurf heres how, its so simple and easy..

Click U1002 click option then proxy setting tick manual proxy setting and enter this setting PROXY HOST: or or or,on PROXY PORT: 8080, press ok. then exit muna, now Click options under options click Proxy Settings then click proxy server setting wud pop up Enter this settings to the Proxy Server and Port, (Proxy Server: localhost) (Port: 9666), remember to tick SOCKS Version 5 nothing more Press OK.. Restart Proxifier, Open Ultrasurf, Open Proxifier.. Then set ur browsers to no proxy, and viola!. works fine, can be used also on YM, MSN, & Torrent.. Hope nakatulong, just hit thanks na lng if nakatulong sa mga nangangailangan.. Hanggang sa muli mga kaibigan.




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