Apr 29, 2008

Unlock for all new LG

There is this software that make all GSM world move and specialy LG world

Unlock for all new LG U990/KU990/KU380/CU400/CU405/CU500/CU500V/CU320/
TU500/TU550/MU500/MU550 ........ and more
maybe it will work with KS20 or KU580 model (not tested)

Unlock For All New LG

imei tested with U970, KE500, KU970, KE970

BACKUP must be maked and restored with lg downloaders
please Backup NV before choosing direct unlock
after unlock finished, do not power off phone and restore NV!!!!!!


published by: www.unlock4mobile.blogspot.com



is it really possible usually i
unlock my mobile using unlock codes. this method seems mysterious

what are the things these tools can do.. in the recent past i bought unlock codes from a site and i unlocked my mobile

proximas .. u can get unlock codes for free here

unlock codes are with out any rivalry the best method to unlock , if u have actual qualms and scruples in the technicalities involved in the very process, then here is a site which guides u through the entire process of unlocking hands free

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