Apr 29, 2008

Unlock Of Sony Ericsson

Unlock Of Sony Ericsson Db2020 Phones w610i, K800i, K810i

ok, first off i take no responsibility for anyone following this guide and bricking their phone.
This is also not completely my guide but one made from a couple other guides with some pictures.
i have used this myself and had it work and also helped t0mm unlock his phone.

Just use the supplied cable that came with your phone.

please note, i will update this with more pictures later to make it even easier to follow

note: the model number i am using here is w880i, this is suitable to use for unlocking k770i

Please note: This will NOT work with the w810i.

to double check your phone is db2020, enter the service menu - > * < < * < *
Go into Service Info and then Software Info, just after you see EROM you should hopefully see DB2020, if not then your phone most likely isn't suitable for this unlock.

This unlock works by applying a patch to your firmware to allow a software patch to be applied. If you update your firmware after this unlock then your phone will most likely become locked again.

The unlock patch is made using a patch generator from Simox -


you will need to download the firmware to match your phone -


Once you have these you can make the unlock patch for your phone.

Open SimlockpatchGen and browse to the firmware file you downloaded
Click 'make patch' and it will make a .vpk file which you will use later to unlock your phone.

Reduced: 73% of original size [ 695 x 486 ] - Click to view full image

Next step is applying the patch. For this you can use SeTool 2 lite -


It is reccomended you download SEUS first and update your phone. This will also install nesscesory drivers without which SeTool lite wont work (this was my own personal experiance)-


Once this is done Open setool lite, find your phone in the drop down menu and select read GDFS

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 461 ] - Click to view full image

switch off your phone, remove battery and reinsert battery, connect to computer whilst holding down the 'c' button
Once this part is finished se tool will say 'Elapsed: ??secs'

Now we need to apply a quick access patch to the phones fimware.
remove from and remove battery before reinserting it again.

open se tool and check the 'bypass security' and select your phone in the drop down menu.
Add your phones firmware file into the main box
Then in misc browse to Qamaker folder in the setool lite folder. you should select the quickaccess .vpk file that matches your phone model and firmware.

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 800 x 470 ] - Click to view full image

(If you can not find a file to match then there is an exe file there to make one, just drag your earlier downloaded firmware file on top of the exe file and the appropiate quick patch file will be generated)

Hit FLASH and connect your phone holding the 'c' button

Setool will run and when finished it will ask you unplug your phone.
remove phone, remove battery, reinsert battery and the press READY on setool.
Then reconnect phone holding the 'c' button
Setool will then run again and a window will pop up
Select NO to apply the patch.
A few seconds later the patch will apllied and this part of the process finished.
Remove phone, remove battery and reinsert battery.

Now to apply the unlock patch.

Start up setool and select your phone model in the menu.
check the 'apply quick patch' box
in misc browse to the unlock patch .vpk file you made earlier (n the simlockpatchgen folder)

Hit write script and reconnect your phone holding the 'c' button.
again a box will pop up where you select NO to apply the patch.
Setools will run and when finished your phone is unlocked!

published by: www.unlock4mobile.blogspot.com



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