Apr 29, 2008

Unlock Samsung E370 E250 M110 Free!!

This will also bring the phone to default settings
1. First do a CUSTOM reset: *2767*2878# (star 2767 star 2878 hash)
turn off the phone

2. take out the battery and sim and put wrong network SIM and insert a half of it,(pic2501)
so it won't ask for network password and shows "Insert SIM" message.(pic sam25020)
Now put the battery ,and switch the phone on .(phone shows "Insert SIM" message.)

3.With out turn off the phone push the sim fully in. At this stage the phone is still asking to "Insert SIM"

4. Make a FULL reset by typing: *2767*3855#(star 2767 star 3855 hash)

5. The phone should reboot working with "wrong" sim inside.

6. Make a Change the NCK password to 8 zeros by typing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000#(star 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros star 8zeros hash)

7. Now Disable network lock By typing: #7465625*638*00000000#(hash 7465625 star 638 star 8zeros hash)
Phone is unlocked (check with *#7465625#)

TESTED ON.e370.works %100..also on a M110
working 100%

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work straight away with no problems

i hope we help u with no amount cost

Great.. It worked for me.. Really wonderful...

Hello,I tried to unlock samsung sgh E740 the same as it said but it wont work with the first full reset,i am trying to get the network lock off,I hope you can help me please.thankyou

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i don't know about the free mobile unlockingconcept,however need solution thats it... whether its free or cost thats doesn't matter who need assistance really..

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we just do as was said ...and succeed....unlock e370

This seems to have worked except that now when i put my other network sim card in it says limited service and i cannot make any calls or anything with it. what do i need to do to make it work?? thank you.

please apply again the settings to that network also. :)

Hi I have done all of the above, but when it reboots with new sim it freezes and wont let me go to the NCK code, how can i get past that

e250i ---------> works well, have to procede again if phone switches off
dont know if that trick works unlimited though


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